Friday, 26 October 2007

no lift landing

In my Singapore residence, my floor has no lift landing. I live in an HDB flat block with ancient lifts that stop on certain floors only. Evidently, designed by some fuckwit. I’m on the second floor (third floor/level/storey in Singapore) and the lifts stop at the ground, fifth, tenth, and fourteenth floors only. So, when I got back from Frankfurt this morning, with a cabin bag and a huge cargo bag, I had to go through quite a bit of trouble just to bring my bags up.

After getting out of the taxi, I wheeled both my bags to the lift lobby and had to carry them up a few steps to the lift landing (another stupendously moronic design). I then went up to the fifth floor, carried them down a few steps from the lift landing to the general floor level, wheeled them to the stairwell which would bring me to my flat, and carried them up a few steps to the stair landing. I then locked my cargo bag to the banister with a bicycle lock and carried my cabin bag three floors down to my flat. After depositing my cabin bag in my flat, I then went to retrieve my cargo bag. Whenever I travel without a cargo bag, I just use the stairs and carry my bags up two floors.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

my 1st pc

Finally, after months of saving, I’ve purchased a Sony Viao FZ VGN-FZ17G. This is the first PC I’ve bought with my own hard-earned money. Now that I’m connected online at home, I should be able to blog more often….
Succumbing to my wanderlust…
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